Syracuse Ninja Barracks is a labor of love by local resident Ryan Scott. Ryan began training for the hit NBC show American Ninja Warrior in 2015. After building a full obstacle course in his backyard Ryan realized he wanted to share his passion for fitness and Ninja Warrior with the community. He soon started opening his backyard to the public but was quickly shut down by the city. Ryan branched out to offer his services at several local gyms all the while looking for a space that would eventually house The Barracks. Amidst all this Ryan was consistently training for and traveling to competitions for the National Ninja League. He has applied for the show and though has not been selected yet, he has tested 4 different courses for the show including courses in Philadelphia, Cleveland, and Las Vegas.

Months of dedication and hard work paid off and the new location of Syracuse Ninja Barracks officially opened its doors for the first time in October of 2018.